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home and office networks

Have you considered the advantages of networking the PCs in your home or office? With a network you can share files and applications, a printer, and an Internet connection - saving you money. You can choose from conventional wired networks or cutting-edge wireless networks that allow you to connect notebook and desktop computers as well as video game systems and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). YourPCDoctor can assist in assessing your situation and find the right solution for you.

Malware removal

Malware, is the common name for the various viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, rootkits, backdoors and adware that infects a large number of PCs around the world.

Unfortunately, malware is all too common these days. Without the latest antivirus software, a good popup blocker and an anti-spyware tool running on your PC, you are likely at risk or already infected.

YourPCDoctor's malware experts can install and configure the right antivirus software so your PC is protected, determine if your PC is already infected and show you ways to keep from becoming a victim of these nefarious applications.

If you experience popup windows why browsing the Internet and/or your computer acts like it is running a lot slower than it used to, you might be infected. Another sure-fire sign of an infected machine is when your PC 'crashes' into a blue screen of death or wants to send information about the crash to Microsoft. Malware can rob your system of performance and steal your personal information. Even worse, your infected PC could be used by 'botnet' to perform a DDoS attack without your knowledge.

PC Repair and diagnostics

YourPCDoctor can come to you to diagnose and solve your PC problems in the privacy of your home or office, connect to your virtually and resolve most issues. No need to drive 60 miles to hand your PC over to some squad of 'geeks'.

Most of the time we will have it done the same day. You won't be told it will be a week or two before you can get it back. YourPCDoctor realizes your time is valuable, which is why we work around your schedule. Give us a call and schedule a same-day or after-hours appointment that's convenient for you.

preventative maintenance

Keeping your computer clean and dust-free is as essential as changing the oil in your car. Dust in your computer can hamper your productivity and cause future problems, such as preventing the PC from being adequately cooled. Keep your computer clean and running cool and fast by scheduling regular preventive maintenance visits every six months or at least once a year.

hardware and software upgrades

Is your computer old and weary? Do you need more memory? Ready to move to Vista? YourPCDoctor can make your life a lot simpler with the latest upgrades and improvements. For newer systems, we can add enhancements for your video games, movies, digital photos and files. Not sure if it's time to upgrade your hardware? Give us a call for an expert evaluation. Confused by all of the buzzwords you hear and want straight answers? We can explain what gives you the most bang for your buck.


YourPCDoctor takes the guesswork out of learning new software programs. Don't have time to take a class? No problem! We offer one-on-one personalized instruction that fits your schedule and your budget. For a flat hourly rate, our knowledgeable experts guide you through step-by-step lessons tailored to your own pace and skill level. We also offer multiple-session training packages.

web site design and hosting

Need a quick web site? Or, you got an outdated one that needs a bit of modernizing? Our team of graphic designers and code-slinging webmasters can design a site for you using the latest web technologies. We can incorporate the ability to publish a blog, add a shopping cart for online purchases or add a discussion forum so you and your friends or customers can meet online and discuss the topic of the day or find support for your product.

desktop publishing and form design

We offer desktop publishing professionals to meet you business form needs. We can custom-design just about anything from a simple vacation or time office form to a more complex four-color menu for your business.


In addition to the services above, we offer the following:

  • Managed Services

  • Data Backup and Recovery

  • Technology Consulting

  • Remote Managed Services

  • Network Monitoring and Management

  • Remote Data Backup

  • Computer and Network Security

  • Email Server and Mobile Device Support

  • Office Relocation and Setup